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Learning to listen to your Heart…

Early abuse, shame, violence and fear compelled me to think critically about decisions of the heart. My concept of self-mastery evolved from that early bias toward thought over feeling: the mind must control the passions of the heart. However, my idea was born from a wounded heart and the raw emotional tempest it stormed.

But through years of support of my family and friends, and daily effort to heal and embrace the gifts of my circumstances, my wounds healed and my bias shifted to the push of my heart over the pull of my mind. When you come from a centered place of peace within, then the mind no longer needs to paralyze your passion.

The Mind can only ask, ‘WHY?’ before it is decides. And it should.

But the Heart when healed asks, ‘FOR WHOM?’ before it commits.Commitment binds much deeper than decision for when confidence fails – when evidence compels you to quit and run away – the decision your mind had made, wavers and falters. However, despite the weight of evidence to give up and stop pursuing your dreams – when your confidence fails – if your heart has committed, your courage will remain to fight on. Therefore, “When at a conflict between the Mind and the Heart, follow the Heart.” ~ Vivekanand
Where I once, from a place of wounding, necessarily favored the scrutiny of the mind, healed of the burden I no longer carry, I favor the guidance of my heart in committing to helping and loving others.”Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is power.” ~ Lao Tzu


Though, self-love is necessary, it is insufficient for a fulfilling life. Only love fills the soul.

Very Respectfully,
Scott Sonnon

I was so touched by this post on my FB page, I decided to repost the whole thing here. I am still in the journey that Scott describes of learning to get out of my head and to connect with the deeper aspects of my being. Everyday I learn a little more about listening to my Heart and living from that place. It is an exhilarating journey! Blessed be.

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