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I’m thinking about having Sarah’s “Word” GRATITUDE tatooed on my forehead–backwards!  That way I’ll get the reminder of GRATITUDE when I look in the mirror in the morning!!  (I usually only look in the mirror once a day, first thing in the morning, just to confirm who I am or at least who I look like!! If it’s a morning when I see my mother’s jowls in the mirror, I know it’s me!)

Word for the Day

Wednesday, April 11

Ironically, GRATITUDE‘s most powerful mysteries

are often revealed when we are struggling in the midst of

personal turmoil.

Sarah Ban Breathnach

Sent from Gratefulness.org, 501(c)(3) nonprofit

Sarah Ban Breathnach has been a star in GRATITUDE work for eons. I’ve read her GRATITUDE books and gone through a year using her GRATITUDE Journal. As a result,  Sarah has been one of  my mentors.

So, for several years now GRATITUDE has been the focus of my spiritual practice. And, to help me remember that focus and not let the concept slide into just “gratitude,” I always write the word as GRATITUDE. It takes a little more effort, so I have to pay attention!

Once again I want to thank Sarah for her work on GRATITUDE.  With the early life I’ve had, it has taken considerable effort to remember to be GRATEFUL for Everything.  (Anybody else have that experience?)

I also want to thank Gratefulness.org for using Sarah’s “Word” today. Gratefulness.org has been one of my favorite daily e-newsletters that helps me to pay attention and to remember GRATITUDE.

If you’re not familiar with Sarah and/or gratefulness.org, I suggest you check them out.

So, where do I get a tatoo of GRATITUDE on my forehead–written backwards?

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