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GRATITUDE for Opportunities to Heal… Some More


June 23, 2012

“Every wound is a call to heal.

Answer it.

You deserve to live and be fully expressed.”

  Cynthia Jam


Ah, so last Sunday, I’d just started a couple wash loads at the laundr0mat and returned home to do some chores. As I was doing dishes, I also cleaned up some items for the recycling bin.

Oops, where did the lid from the canned chicken come from hiding in the soaping water of another food container? Well, as the rubber met the road or in this case the tin can lid met my index finger, I knew I was in trouble.

Skipping forward several hours, while waiting for and after getting the needed stitches, I went through the usual berating myself for my carelessness (“How stupid…”) and dealing with the logistics (getting someone to pick up my laundry; getting someone else to take care of my 13-yr. old doggie baby Heidi while I was at the hospital; and so on)…

Later Sunday night and for a period on Monday night, I had a crying jag because I was so mad at myself in general & because I’d been yelling at Heidi, who was expressing her concern for me by overdoing her usual “velcro dog” behaviors!

Ok, that’s the prelude. If you are still with me here, I’m wondering if any of you can relate? Probably not–I’m the only person who is this hard on myself, right?

I’m the only person ever who has ever yelled at the dog who just wants to be close to me because she thinks that will make me feel better, right? I’m the only person who knows in her head that this is another opportunity to heal at a deeper level but the gut level hasn’t gotten the message yet, right?

Miss Heidi

That aside, several days later, now I am back on track–mostly!  I am meditating and journaling and giving myself Reiki and tapping (EFTing) and feeling GRATEFUL for another opportunity to go deeper in the spirals of healing.

If the Universe and I didn’t work together to create ongoing opportunities to help me heal, where would I be? Maybe stuck in a pit of self-pity and frequently yelling at my dear, sweet Miss Heidi.

During this lifetime I am here to heal, and GRATITUDE is my spiritual practice to that end. Yes, I am healing and I am GRATEFUL. And, it still hurts, but so it is.  🙂


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Breakthroughs in Energy Psychology: A New Way to Heal the Body and Mind

Dr. Gebhardt: Bless you for bringing your expertise, training and experience into this forum to advocate open-mindedness. And, not surprisingly you expressed beautifully the value of the blending of the ancient techniques from the East with the technologies & research of the West.

As a Reiki Master, I have been using “energy” healing techniques for almost 20 years. And, I know that the elusive concept of “energy” as something that promotes healing is a hard concept for our minds that were trained to believe only what we can test successfully in double-blind studies that yield data as proof. I liked the certainty of the scientific method in my masters program yrs. ago, because it was so definite.

Even now, I’m not discounting the value of that way of learning & teaching. However, after I learned that there was a lot more to life than what my 5 senses could detect–like the elusive, intangible, non-measurable aspects of life–well, I was hooked! The proof was in the pain & stress that was alleviated by the hands-on healing of Reiki.

Reiki, like other forms of energy-work, can’t be sensed in the usual way that we’re used to, but we can detect its results. The bottom line is that there is much to learn from “conventional”/Western medicine AND from Eastern healing techniques, many of which have ancient roots & centuries of success at healing & facilitating healing.

~LindaLouise Haines, M.Ed.
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