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Hello world!

Hi, there!

My vision for this, my first blog, is to share positive ideas with inspiring pictures & words. Also, I hope  to encourage open, respectful & positive dialogues about what concerns us today and tomorrow.

That vision comes out of the focus of my personal journey, which is:

First, to continue my own healing and further my spiritual growth.

Second, to share some of what I learn with you.
After all, isn’t that what we are all here on the planet at this time to do–to learn from each other, to serve  and to make the world a better place for all life?

When my healing path & spiritual journey was kicked into super high gear during a tumultuous year, 1989, even in the middle of the first crisis, I knew what I was experiencing & awakening to was about more than me. Even at that point, I was aware that there was a bigger picture:  I was only one part of a bigger whole.

Therefore, third, to continue to work as a positive change agent in the world at whatever levels I can have an impact.

“But, wait, there’s more…! If you call in the next five minutes….”
Oops! I forgot what I was doing. No, not really.
That little side-track was to let you know that this blog will not be all seriousness, because…

Fourth, part of my gift is a WEIRD, IRONIC, WICKED, GOOFY, OUT-THERE sense of humor!! Some of those adjectives are mine and some come from friends, like my dear friend, “glorybtoyou.” I just naturally see the ironic in much of life. So, you might guess that some of my mentors are Swami Beyondananda, SARK, and others who remind us of the importance of Laughter, even when we don’t wanna!

So, here we go. Let’s have some fun. I want to hear from YOU. You’ll have things to share with me, and I’ll have things to share with you–some of which could teach or enlighten or show a path  on which both of us will grow or maybe cause a chuckle.



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