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Is your Mind on Automatic Pilot?

April 4, 2012

How many times a day do you put your mind on automatic? Letting it ‘run off’ with thoughts and keeping it going 24/7? Just like the body, our mind needs balance. The body needs exercise and rest and so does the mind. Stilling the mind can re energize your mind.  Just a few moments can create amazing unlimited possibilities.

Do your best to be conscious of your thought as well as giving it a rest through stillness of the mind. That is your direct connection to the Universe and all the energy, abundance, and calm with you. Take a moment to stand down and ‘just breathe’ today. Make it a daily practice to ‘let go’ of the outer world and meditate through reading, music, or just sitting still. It truly will do wonders. Give your mind a breather from the everyday thoughts and just ‘let it be’ for a few moments.

Beth and Lee’s Blog;
Law of Attraction and Positive Thought


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Thanks, Beth and Lee. I love this message. It’s a timely reminder for me.

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