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“The world… wants to entertain you…”


Be still, and the world is bound to turn herself inside out to entertain you. Everywhere you look, joyful noise is clanging to drown out quiet desperation.
Barbara Kingsolver
High Tide in Tucson

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NOW I know why I have difficulty focusing–All the AIR energy in my Natal Chart, PLUS the World/Universe working hard to “entertain” me!!

And, it succeeds much too often! Because I keep zipping along with the “entertainments”, like health issues; family issues; financial issues; wildfire threatening our property (Placer Co., NorCal) issues; concerns for others’ health, family, financial & wildfire issues; and …!

Well, of course! Now that I know–what do I do about it? (No more playing the victim, “Woe is me.”)

I am taking charge! But, how?

Let’s start with: #1 Setting Limits & Setting Priorities AND sticking to them!

#2 NO berating myself when I do slip up or slip down! 😉

#3 Enjoying the Journey, no matter what I do or the Universe does or ANYTHING!!

#4 A recommitment to DAILY Blogging, whether I hit Publish or not. JUST WRITE EVERYDAY!! THEN, decide whether it is Public, Password Protected OR Private. I certainly have enough inner dialogue of my own inspirations and others’ to fill volumes. So, I need to get that stuff OUT of MY head and into the world.

And, so it is… for now!

More suggestions? How do YOU balance the “entertainments” from the world with your own commitment to blog or journal?

Blessed be and much Love.

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