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My holiday greetings for YOU!

Happy Holidays and the Best New Year ever!

My suggestion to help you have the BEST any Year ever is to start your day with GRATITUDE; a quiet time (on or by the toilet if needed!); 2 – 10 Deep Belly Breaths; a Sense of Wonder (Nature, your Kids, your Job/Retirement, your ____); a well-developed, maybe crazy, sense of humor (mine is called “wicked” by friends!), and a Smile–no matter what comes at you in those first challenging moments/hours of wakefulness!!

Remember that you and EVERYONE you meet Every day is also a Child of God, just as you are. And, I believe that we do project outward whatever we are feeling inside of ourselves–OMG!     So, inwardly (or outwardly, if you dare!) bless that person who you find to be “difficult,” who triggers your buttons! Take a DEEP breath. Then, Smile & move on with your day!

I didn’t mean to sound so preachy! But, I do wish you all the best from my heart with JOY!

Blessings and love to you and your families.


PS. BTW, yes, I’m back after months of challenging health issues. I’m wishing you, and me (!), a healthy and/or healthier 2015!! “Bless us, Everyonel!” And, thanks for reading “LindaLouiseReiki.”

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