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My dear one,

If you feel insufficiently loved, seek not those who will love you but those you can love. The people hungry for your love are all around you. Go to the grocery store and see if anyone looks love deficient. Look around at the subway stop. Go to a church or temple or mosque and check out the back row. Volunteer at a hospital or orphanage or homeless shelter or animal shelter. Find someone online who you sense might be hurting. Offer your love and kindness as a gift with no expectation of love in return.
Be willing to let your love land flat if someone is unable to receive it, understanding that their lack of receptivity is not a rejection of you but rather an inability to receive love, usually stemming from a deep underlying sense of unworthiness. But also be willing to have your love embraced. Be willing to make someone’s day. Be willing to hear laughter and see upturned smiles. Be willing to see tears and to feel tears on your own face, because every single one of us craves love and belonging, and way too many of us aren’t getting enough, especially this time of year.
When you seek to give love instead of complaining about how you’re not getting loved enough, a miracle happens. The energy of giving love is like a boomerang. Love rockets out of you, and then love comes bursting right back into your own heart.
This is something you can do right now. You don’t have to wait to love and feel loved. You can look around at work and sense whether there is anyone who needs the lift of your love today. You can surprise someone who isn’t expecting your love. You can practice one random act of kindness.
If you long to feel loved, I dare you to try giving it. Then report back. What happened?
With eternal love,

Your Inner Pilot Light

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